Some bugs on the new store system

This is the place to report problems with your store. If you run into a bug, glitch, or error, please post it so that we can know there is a problem to fix.
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Re: Some bugs on the new store system

Post by Bryan » Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:23 pm

knifeaholic wrote:Store link has changed:

Links for stores were originally set up as follows:

At some point they changed to this format:

I just wanted to alert people to this in case you are providing the link to you store to drive traffic to your items for sale.

Unfortunately, I only discovered this recently after printing and sending (snail mail) about 100 flyers with the old (now non functional) link format.
Hi Steve,

Both links are supposed to work. I think some recent changes have caused browser cache issues.

I thought this was isolated to a couple accounts, but it appears to be a bit more wide spread than I thought ::cr::

If you clear your browser's cache, both should work. theory
should redirect to ... nifeaholic

For any of your customers that have old data cached on their browsers, it should resolve / correct itself in time so that both links will direct to your store.

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Re: Some bugs on the new store system

Post by knifeaholic » Fri Jul 21, 2017 7:01 pm

Thanks Bryan; glad to hear that both are supposed to work.

The flyers that I sent out were also designed to try to get people to come to AAPK in general, in addition to my store.

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