Knife show display

William H. Maher and Emil Grosh started the Maher & Grosh Wholesale Cutlery Co. in 1877 with a goal to sell high quality US manufactured cutlery globally. The original business dissolved in 1988, but the brand has since been resurrected.
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Re: Knife show display

Post by peanut740 » Tue Aug 07, 2018 2:44 pm

pearlroosterman wrote:How about Grosh......
Emil Grosh was the older of the 2.They both previously had worked for hardware firms before they partnered up and started their own business. Maher appears to have been more involved in outside interests than Grosh.Maher bought out Grosh in 1900 if my memory serves me.Grosh drown a few years later and Maher passed in 1913.Maher's son in law ran the company until 1962 or so.

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