Banana Trapper

Winchester entered the knife market as a manufacturer in 1919 by acquiring two existing knife companies; Eagle Knife Co. of Connecticut & Napanoch Knife Co. of New York. Winchester stepped away from the market in 1942 to focus on war related manufactured products, but re-entered in the late 1980s by licensing its name to Blue Grass Cutlery. Blue Grass had high quality knives made by Queen Cutlery that featured the Winchester brand name for a handful of years until the license arrangement ran its course. Winchester eventually started licensing to other companies & now you will find the brand name used by several knife manufacturers by way of license agreements.
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Banana Trapper

Post by 1967redrider » Mon Jul 29, 2019 1:50 pm

Looking to trade a single blade burnt orange bone Cartridge Series Banana Trapper W18 19107 from 1994, since somehow I ended up with two. You can pick which one, the box you want and I'll throw in the papers from Blue Grass too. One is a little more "burnt" than the other. Including a picture of the burnt orange bone Winchesters I have, looking for something different in either Cartridge, Buffalo Head or Rifle Series.

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