National Purple Heart Day August 7

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National Purple Heart Day August 7

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Since August 7, 2014. Purple Heart Day is a day designed to show gratitude. It's a day to allow Americans to honor and remember those who bravely served the country, suffered injuries or were killed while serving. These individuals are adorned with the Purple Heart in the name of the President.

In August 2016, I was surprisingly honored to receive the below (Post Mortem) 'Certificate Award' in recognition for my Fathers WWII Devoted Military Service. It was signed by President Barack Obama.

The Soldier in the picture is my Father, taken in October 1942, 20 months prior to his amphibious (Omaha Beach) Normandy Landing. Second day deployment.

He did not remember where the picture was taken, however, he did date it. He returned home from France in early 1946.

My sincere thanks to all fellow Veterans who have served this wonderful country. There are many of us past and present on AAPK.

I am a Vietnam Era Veteran. I did not serve in combat.

Dads WWII Service Recognition. (2).jpg
Dad in Oct. 1942.jpg
Purple Heart in issued display. (2).jpg
Purple Heart.jpg
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Re: National Purple Heart Day August 7

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I have the same certificate from my Dad. They were both heroes.
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Re: National Purple Heart Day August 7

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I am 9, 11, 13 years younger than my 3 older brothers...
my Mom said if she ever had another son she would name him after
her brother William who in WW2 went down with the
USS Indianapolis after delivering the components to the bomb dropped on Japan
We know he made it in the water cause a guy from Dearborn, Mich. stopped at my Grandparents house a year or so later..
He must have been one of the unlucky sailors taken by a shark as no remains were ever found, he was 18 yrs old
I have had his Purple Heart hanging on my bedroom wall since app. 1971
I also have the paper from the President to my Grandparents and the last known photo of the ship
I am proud to have gotten my name from my Uncle Bill even tho I never knew him
God Bless "all" Vets past, present, & future who served and allow the rest of us freedom to live as we do

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Re: National Purple Heart Day August 7

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All who have served are our heroes.
My dad earned a purple heart at Luzon 22 Jan 1945, several days later he earned the silver star also at Luzon. These are backwards dated. he earnes a bronze at i think guadalcanal. he served with the 158 regimental combat team(Bushmasters), the only unit to receive formal jungle fighting training in Panama and new Guinea.
I have a photo of him astride the emporers white horse a few days after the units arrival in Japan shortly after the peace was declared.
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