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A personal steak knife

Posted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 2:34 pm
by Optimist
Have you ever been disatisfied by the steak knife issued in a restaurant? The standard serrated edge that is fine with a good fillet can come to grief when challenged by a tasty but gristly sirloin and I rather like a sirloin.
I think I found the answer when a French flea market produced a battered Laguiole. The olive wood handle was splintered and it looked as though it had been washed in a washing machine. The blade was blunt but bore the stamp 12C27 so that situation would be temporary.
The Laguiole is a beatiful knife and is sometimes sold as table cutlery but I always felt that the slender handle with its high surface polish meant that one could lack control.
I replaced the handle with plumper plates of sapele wood and stopped polishing before I achieved a mirror finish. As a vanity piece, I stained the mouche and backspring with cold gun blue.
For me, the knife as been a great success and after eating, I wipe it over, close it and slip it into my pocket again. 200 years ago a lot of travellors would have done that anyway.
What do you think?

Re: A personal steak knife

Posted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 3:47 pm
by royal0014
Well, that's different ... ::tu::

Re: A personal steak knife

Posted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 3:48 pm
by eveled
I’ve had that problem with restaurant issued cutlery also. I usually use whatever I have on my belt or in my pocket. Usually a Buck 110.

You’ve an elegant solution. Nicely done. Enjoy your next steak.

Re: A personal steak knife

Posted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 9:59 pm
by treefarmer
The Laguiole looks great! ::tu::
Your thought about travelers using their own knives 200 years ago is still alive and well in our part of the world. Not at all unusual in a resturant to see a man take out his pocket knife, wipe the blade and go to work on a good tasting steak. In addition, sometimes you'll see that knife passed around a table, I reckon we're a bunch of rednecks. :)