Four fo' five & won fo' fiteen......

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Four fo' five & won fo' fiteen......

Postby knife7knut » Sun Aug 18, 2019 12:23 am

Went to the local flea market today expecting to see nothing new and was pleasantly surprised. Found a group of four knives for five bucks. Not the greatest in the world but one was very interesting.
Made by Edward Wusthof it has nickel silver handles with the image of A. Krupp on one side and the enormous Krupp Steel works that was such a favorite of the B-17's during WWII. Secondary blade broken and the corkscrew doesn't fit the handle properly(looks original)but I'm working to get the master blade presentable again.
An IKCO boy's knife in great shape was #2.
#3 was a tiny Hong Kong made ad knife for AAMCO transmissions and #4 was a H.Boker & Co's pearl whittler minus 1 blade. I figured it was five dollars well spent.
Saw another friend who sold me a Boker 2020 GS folding hunter with pouch and in the original box for $15.I believe the handles are rosewood although they aren't very dark.All in all a good day.
Edw.WusthofA.KruppGusstahlFabrikEssen-2 001.jpg
Edw.WusthofA.KruppGusstahlFabrikEssen-2 002.jpg
IKCO BoysKnife$1.25.jpg
H.Boker&Co.Whittler-2 001.jpg
Boker2020GS-2 001.jpg
Boker2020 GS in box $15.jpg
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Re: Four fo' five & won fo' fiteen......

Postby doglegg » Sun Aug 18, 2019 12:27 am

What an inexpensive and fun day. The Boker is a knice knife. and the others interesting. ::tu:: ::tu::

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Re: Four fo' five & won fo' fiteen......

Postby woodwalker » Sun Aug 18, 2019 12:32 am

Good Job! Good day indeed!! :)

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