POS Roundtable 2020

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POS Roundtable 2020

Post by Jeffinn » Fri Jan 10, 2020 10:40 pm

Alright guys and gals, its that time again!
Here's how it works. Each participant who indicates they wish to participate here on this thread will send one or more POS knives to the person whose name they draw. You may send one, or 21 or 2001 as your heart dictates. It's all good.
If you wish to participate, please indicate so here on this thread by Jan. 19, 2020 and also SEND ME (jeffinn) A PM WITH YOUR REAL LIFE NAME AND ADDRESS.
At the conclusion of the sign up period, I will draw names from my Fishing Hat and post them here on this thread showing whom you should share your POS knives with.
I will send each participant a PM with the name and mailing address of the person whom you need to send your POS offering to. You will have until Jan. 25 to mail out your offering.
It is imperative that you send me your mailing address via PM so that I can share it with the person who draws your name. I don't care if I already have your info, I need you to PM me your mailing address so I can copy and paste it to the PM I send to the lucky individual who draws your name.
If you don't send me your mailing address you're not going to get any knives sent to you.
You can send one or 101 POS knives. Let your heart guide you in this.
Please don't send any knives that are rusted shut, have ALL the blades broken, or are totally useless. Anything else is fair game. This is all for fun. Please be prepared to share the "treasures" you receive with the rest of us by posting pictures of your goodies. Let the good times roll...... ::ds::
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Re: POS Roundtable 2020

Post by zoogirl » Fri Jan 10, 2020 11:15 pm

I’m so in...heh heh heh :mrgreen:
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Re: POS Roundtable 2020

Post by doglegg » Fri Jan 10, 2020 11:26 pm

I'm in too! ::nod::

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Re: POS Roundtable 2020

Post by jerryd6818 » Fri Jan 10, 2020 11:45 pm

Way to go Jeff. ::ds:: Thank you for volunteering for this year's POS Roundtable. ::tu::

I'm in and I have a bunch of doozies. :mrgreen:
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Re: POS Roundtable 2020

Post by edge213 » Fri Jan 10, 2020 11:51 pm

I'm in! ::tu::
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Re: POS Roundtable 2020

Post by DM11 » Sat Jan 11, 2020 12:26 am

I'm in! Let the festivities begin! :lol:

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Re: POS Roundtable 2020

Post by bladebuddy » Sat Jan 11, 2020 12:35 am

I’ll play again. Last two years have been fun. Thank you Jeffinn for getting the POS going. Steve B.
Steve B.
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Re: POS Roundtable 2020

Post by OLDE CUTLER » Sat Jan 11, 2020 1:26 am

I am in, thanks Jeff for taking up the torch.
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Re: POS Roundtable 2020

Post by Reverand » Sat Jan 11, 2020 2:01 am

I'm in! Hopefully I will get some more "parts knives" this year! Now, to dig through my knives and prepare some stinkers!!!!
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Re: POS Roundtable 2020

Post by Jody744 » Sat Jan 11, 2020 2:29 am

Put me in coach, I’m ready to play! ::ds::
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Re: POS Roundtable 2020

Post by glennbad » Sat Jan 11, 2020 2:49 am

You KNOW I am in...

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Re: POS Roundtable 2020

Post by peanut740 » Sat Jan 11, 2020 2:52 am

Oh boy is this great! ::ds::

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Re: POS Roundtable 2020

Post by philco » Sat Jan 11, 2020 4:04 am

First off............Jeff you don't know what you've gotten yourself into ole friend. :lol: ; But thanks for taking it on. ::tu::

Second I'm in. Been saving up for this one. ::nod::

PM on the way.
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Re: POS Roundtable 2020

Post by rangerbluedog » Sat Jan 11, 2020 4:33 am

OK boys, Count me in!
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Re: POS Roundtable 2020

Post by Scale Military » Sat Jan 11, 2020 5:06 am

Count me in! Had a real good time last year and have some good ones waiting for their "victim."
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