Buy or trade for...Pre 1970 TOOTHPICK Folders

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Buy or trade for...Pre 1970 TOOTHPICK Folders

Post by Robo » Sun Aug 04, 2019 2:09 am

Wanted: Toothpicks! AKA: Switchbacks, Dance Knives, Tango Knives, Ticklers…

Utica-Utica Contract: especially their higher end toothpicks: sweet top grinds, better fit and finish, saber ground muskrat blade (pretty rare), etc. not particularly interested in Kutmasters as I have a bunch of these.

Tested Era 61093 Toothpick—with tested era top-grind., nail mark forward of clip peak.

“W.R. Case and sons USA” -1093 Toothpick with narrow muskrat type blade. These were contracted from Utica and don’t resemble the factory produced …& Sons -1093 or -1095 (a famous example would be the one on eBay some guy's been trying to sell for a few years now for $2000.00)

Western States toothpick—especially the ones with long pulls. The regular nail mark version is listed as their “Fishing Knife” In the 1919—1940s catolog instalments in “The Knifemaker Who Went West” . If you own the one pictured in “Sargents Guide” with the “East Dallas Special Etch” I’ll throw in the Delaware Memorial Bridge to sweeten the deal.

4 line camillus toothpick/tickler with grooved Bolsters and Cap and “Lucky” etch with dice etch on blade.

4.5 inch Federal Knife Company (Camillus) Toothpick With “Lucky” and several Dice in handles

Empire toothpick Marked Empire and not “Wilbert” (Sears Brand)

Cattaraugus toothpick/tickler listed as “Switch pattern” in catalogs.
Cattaraugus #2114 which might be considered a hibred of sorts.

LF&C 5.5 Inch Toothpick especially.

Schatt & Morgan —especially their 5.5 in Tootpick

Queen City—especially their 4 7/8 in slender toothpick (Baldwin made or contracted a similar one)

New York Knife Co/Hammer Brand, Wallkill Toothpicks especially their 4.5 inch med. toothy and their # 176

Walden, Ulster (pre WWII), Thomaston, Challange, Valley Forge, Robeson, KA-Bar…

Toothpicks contracted by Any and all of the Wholesale Hardware Co.s as well as Toothpicks contracted by Jobbers--especially FRED BIFFAR, Chicago. Cutino, Standard, UK&R, Royal, Viking, et al…..

I am also interested in:

Wholesale/retail hardware, sporting goods catalog pages picturing toothpick/ticklers PRIOR to 1924 which is the earliest listing I have—that being the 1924 Sears catalog which lists one as an “Arkansas toothpick”. Levine says the pattern’s genisis was around the turn of the last century which means Case wasn’t the first Co. to produce them.

Vintage Photos of a person holding a toothpick knife—cop, juvy, etc.—or amongst other weapons in a police weapons seizure, or a copy of the picture of George Washington Carver using a toothpick knife to remove a sample of some type of vegitation from a bush or plant or tree (as reportedly seen in the George Washington Carver Museum)

I am trying to get as close to the origins of this pattern as I can. I feel this hinges to an important degree on my ability to positively identify what company made what contract knife.

If you guys have ones you know I’d be interested in but don’t want to sell/trade them, I’d be extremely grateful to see pictures. And I’m happy to share photos, discuss and swap stories, rumors, tall tales about the pattern any time!!!

Thanks--AAPK Rules!-- Robo (A Pattern Head)

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