SOG Seal Team 2000 knife

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SOG Seal Team 2000 knife

Post by onehikes » Sun Nov 18, 2018 10:14 pm

Of all the Modern defensive knives I have handled, the SOG Seal Team 2000 would be my favorite. It has a great grip, balances well in the hand, and the point is the sharpest design I have ever seen. One day when packing up knives after a knife show one of the Seal Team knives poked me in the knee. I thought nothing about it and continued packing up and later felt something wet and looked to see my pants leg covered in blood. Now when you sell knives you keep an up to date tetnus shot and carry bandaids but this little poke had caught me totally off guard. Only took a bandaid but I have never encountered a point that sharp and so well designed to penetrate before.

I have both the newer Taiwan, China model of AUS 8 and the original Seki, Japan made of AUS 6 and like the Seki made knife better. Seems to have more heft, bigger handle and balances better but both are amazing. I keep one on my nightstand for piece of mind and pick it up to marvel at it from time to time. Photo of Sog Seal Team, Seki, Japan both new and experienced.
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The steel is designed to handle abuse, saltwater, blade flexing and all the tesst they were subjected to in order to pass the Seal 2000 testing.
Available in my shop.

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