For Sale: Case/Bose Collab #1, 1999

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For Sale: Case/Bose Collab #1, 1999

Postby kootenay joe » Tue Aug 20, 2019 2:52 am

This Case-Bose Wharncliffe Trapper 62048 with ATS-34 steel released in 1999 was the first of the Case-Bose annual collaboration knives. The handles are Chestnut jigged bone. New in original box and leather storage pouch.
I have owned one of nearly all of the Case-Bose collab knives and none of them even come close to the absolutely perfect fit and finish of this knife. It is a good as my best Ken Erickson custom folder.
The Case-Bose collab knives get a lot of advertising & hype but in reality many of the knives fall short of the claimed high standards. This knife is the exception rather than the rule. It simply could not have been better made.
Price $425 which includes shipping from Canada. If you don't love it, return for full refund. PP, personal check or USPS M.O. all accepted.
If interested please send me a PM or email:
EDIT TO ADD: email is down for most of B.C. and Alberta so please use:

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Re: For Sale: Case/Bose Collab #1, 1999

Postby Sharpnshinyknives » Wed Aug 21, 2019 1:01 am

Surprised you are giving this one up. I searched completed auctions on eBay and didn’t find a single one like this that has been sold recently. I think your price is very fair on this. One this early and this nice I would think would come in north of 500 easily. I’m tempted but when I finally get some pics taken you all will see why I am Not buying this one. 2 Maher and Grosh, two AAPK knives and 2 Whittlers and one Schatt and Morgan all in a two week period so I’m a tapped out for this big of a purchase. I know you will sell it for this, this is way too cheap.
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