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This forum is dedicated to the discussion and display of old knives. The rich history of all the many companies that made them through the early years will be found here as well as many fine examples of the cutlers art. Share pictures of your old knives and your knowledge here!
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Re: Real American Knife Lore

Post by Robo » Thu Aug 08, 2019 5:21 am wrote:MB; I saw this when you first posted it, but I've delayed reading it until today.

Fascinating, poignant and sad all at the same time.

Killing a young grinder at twenty-four years of age with aspiration consumption (not the same thing as TB) is nothing for anybody to have been proud of.

As much as we love these things we cherish, knives, we must never forget the sacrifices of those that built them.

Charlie Noyes
Hear, Hear, Sir!

Sometimes I'm as guilty of romantisizing America's Knife manufacturing past as others are because the beautiful little piece of edged art I hold in my hand doesn't in and of itself speak of the pain and suffering--the alcoholism, drugery and often poverty-- of the folks who were it's creators. I'm grateful to find stories like these and I actively seek them out in order to remember there was a great price paid for the knife I paid a great price for.

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Re: Real American Knife Lore

Post by cudgee » Thu Aug 08, 2019 6:21 am

Just discovered this thread, fantastic reading, but so sad in a lot of ways. Not only the hardship these people went through, but the demise of knife manufacturing, tools and most things that were made by machines, tools AND hand. My grandparents and parents and many relatives went through these tough and they were tough times, but i think they came out as better people for it. I know times have changed and will not go back to what they were, but importing a lot of things and the throw away society attitude means quality hand made products are are a rarity and not the norm now, which i find very sad. But that being said, i think there is a growing brand of new purchasers out there, that are prepaired to pay for bespoke and hand made goods, if and when they have the money. You only have to look at some of the fantastic work being done by custom knife makers. So thanks everyone who had a hand in putting this thread together, well done. ::nod::

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