Tuna Valley Cutlery Co Newest Feature Announced

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Tuna Valley Cutlery Co Newest Feature Announced

Post by danielsfamilyknives » Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:36 pm

The Daniels Family Knives is proud to announce the newest feature to the Tuna Valley Cutlery Co. knife line Oiseau Metal Arts hand engravings all done by Damon Soileau. Damon was only 9 years old when he picked up his first piece of metal to make a knife out of with the supervision of his best teacher his dad. During his teen years he was introduced to lost wax casting right through his art class at school. Once graduated he decided to serve his country so he joined up with the Army. He furthered his casting and fabricating skills even turned his barracks room desk into a jeweler’s bench to make jewelry and trinkets for his friends and fellow soldiers.
Once his military service was over and just trying to pay the bills he suffered a severe spinal injury, stuck with unpaid bills and an empty pantry he decided to give it a try at a jewelry store. The shop owner who spotted the talent put him right to work giving him the opportunity to work with materials and tools he could never afford on his own. This opportunity broke free his imagination and spirit so he honed his skills with classes through GRS. Just as everything happen with the housing bust Damon’s boss had to shut down the store. Forced to make a go at his dream selling at a local flea market this is where my story starts.
I was looking for knives one day at a flea market and as luck had it I stumbled across Damon. I was so impressed with the work laying in front of me but also his vision for his future art pieces. Of course the visionary and salesman I am I just had to take a chance. After a year of prototypes and samples we are very excited about all the future projects with Oiseau Metal Arts.

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Re: Tuna Valley Cutlery Co Newest Feature Announced

Post by chetr1200c » Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:50 pm

that's sweet. ::nod:: ::tu::
can't wait to see the results and also the prices. :roll:

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Re: Tuna Valley Cutlery Co Newest Feature Announced

Post by singin46 » Sat Mar 24, 2012 1:11 am

Thanks for the future info on this, should be some incredible lookin pieces. ::tu:: ::tu::
Love all Jacks

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