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Re: Pitchfork

Post by Dinadan » Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:57 am

I have no pitchfork - I guess I am not the man my father was: he had one like Jerry's Grandad. I have a martial arts tiger fork somewhere in the garage - maybe that can count?

The multi-generational fork display is kind of cool, Jerry!

I have to say that the wooden fork is unique to my experience, JTX. I agree with Tongueriver that the tree must have been trained into that shape. I wonder if some farmer somewhere had a whole grove of those. Jerry, you are probably right that the tips are fire hardened on purpose, but pitchforks were also used to push and toss stuff into a fire when burning a pile of brush. My Dad used his fork for that, and just last week I was using a tree that I cut to length and left a fork on the end for that same purpose.

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