ID Help With This Antique/Vintage Draw Blade/Knife.

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ID Help With This Antique/Vintage Draw Blade/Knife.

Post by New_Windsor_NY » Mon Mar 18, 2019 7:21 pm

I dug this antique/vintage draw blade out of a workbench drawer.
All the metal was covered with some kind of corrosion, making it
impossible to find any kind of makers mark/stamp. I cleaned it up
a bit (no before pics) and all I could find was a 12, center above the
blade. Nothing on the handles, nothing on the bolsters. Would just
like to know what company made it. I know this originally was my
grandfather's. So it is from the Westchester County, N.Y. area and
through the process of elimination, by me, that would date it to
before 1956. It measures approx. 18" from outside of one handle to
the outside of the other handle. The actual "blade" is 12" long.
Any info is welcome and appreciated. Thank you. :D
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