I just bought two (2) Estwing Black Eagle Tomahawks

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Captain O
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I just bought two (2) Estwing Black Eagle Tomahawks

Post by Captain O » Wed Mar 13, 2019 7:14 pm

These "Hawks have a marvelous 2 1/2" bit and excellent spike on their heads. Drop forged from 1055 Carbon Steel in Rockford Il, these bad boys should last the rest of my life. The traditional Estwing Nylon/Rubber handle that is also found on their hammers and hatchets absorbs 70+% of the vibration transmitted from striking the "work object".

The Estwing Black Eagle has a "lightening hole" on the bit that doesn't compromise the integrity of the tool and permits changing the direction of the stroke during mid-swing. These are just as efficient as the original Peter Lagana design used by our troops in Southeast Asia.

I'm glad I bought these self-defense (tactical)/breaching tools. At $35.78 for each 'Hawk shipped to my door, they are more than worth the "price of admission". ::tu::

I highly recommend them
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