Mil-K, Utility Knives

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Mil-K, Utility Knives

Post by CampbellAr2 » Mon Aug 31, 2020 11:04 pm

Recently got interested in these after chasing some examples from Queen, in addition to the Camillus that I carried when I was still on active duty.

Looking for examples from Western , Imperial, and perhaps Case...WWII through Vietnam timeframe

Short and sweet,
I am extremely frustrated with the ebay side of the world. While I understand broken back springs are common on these Mil-K knives, the last 2 knives I brought (and am now trying to return) have had them without any mention of the problem in the listing.....

If you need a laugh, The attached pic is what I was sent on this last one is my last example - Nice little something for me to discover when I opened the package.


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