Frank Buster started the Fight'n Rooster line of knives shortly after he first visited the Olbertz factory back in 1975. The old tooling and handle variations that the German factory offered allowed Frank to contract an astounding variation of extremely high quality German manufactured knives.
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Post by jmam7516 » Wed Jul 06, 2016 10:36 pm

I have just come by a good number of Fight'n Rooster knives. These knives came from a Master Dealers estate. I had an opportunity to acquire a number of knives from this estate about a year and a half ago and these were found by the family during a recent clean-up. I am really not too keen on Roosters so I thought I would put it put there to see if any collectors were interested. I have about a hundred pieces including pearl, stag, horn, bone, multi-blade, miniatures, Captains, tobacco leaves, gold blades, fixed boot knives, club and Christmas knives . . . Now this estate sat empty for some time and storage conditions were less than ideal. So, the pieces range from mint to i don't know if they can be saved. The family has told me that the gentleman knew Frank Buster personally and I have seen some very low production pieces come from this estate, so there may be some rare gems. If anyone has any interest or is looking for a specific piece drop me a line I may have it. Thanks

I am currently working thirds so if I do not respond right away don't get discouraged . . . it might take a day.

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Post by Adog » Wed May 10, 2017 1:35 am

Looking for a Mother of Pearl sunfish with the battle axe shield. Thanks Adog I am a new member looking for a start to a collection. Thanks again for your help

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