Saw this one today and............

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Saw this one today and............

Post by knife7knut » Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:42 pm

....decided I needed to add it to my accumulation.Interesting inlay(partially missing)on the handle of what appears to be a horseman(I hesitate to use the word,"cowboy")with a long pole in his hands chasing down a small steer and a bull.Stamped "R.H.Whitney & Co. Perfect" and the number 76. On the pile side is a logo of a six pointed star(actually 2 triangles juxtaposed)with the word,"perfect" inside and trade mark on either side of the logo.Handles are French ivory and the box is non original.
I think I can repair the inlay using some aluminum duct sealing tape that is very thin.Paid $12 for it.
R.H.Whitney&Co.PerfectRazor$12 001.jpg
R.H.Whitney&Co.PerfectRazor$12 002.jpg
R.H.Whitney&Co.PerfectRazor$12 003.jpg
R.H.Whitney&Co.PerfectRazor$12 004.jpg
R.H.Whitney&Co.PerfectRazor$12 005.jpg
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Re: Saw this one today and............

Post by Old Folder » Sat Oct 06, 2018 3:23 am

I like the pictured inlay. ::nod::
Let us know how your repair looks.
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