I am having a make offer sale?

This is a place for posting non-knife related items you have available for trade. If you see something you want, be sure to make a trade offer. Your offer can include a knife, knives, or pretty much anything within the limits of the law.
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Re: I am having a make offer sale?

Post by Landersknives » Thu Aug 15, 2019 5:05 pm

Mossdancer wrote:Doglegg;
Had a few nice ones. The original Gerber FH, The big Gerber engraved. The cold steel twister, darn I cant turn around and look on the floor. The rope knives the marlin spikes, And the rest. They might eventually reach my store. A second reason for the sale. Most all now know where a particular knife they saw is located if they want it they can contact me if im here. Who knows I may just have a large photo from time to time for that reason. Haunph(sic) maybe more of a success than I thought. I don't know how to spell Haunph. Would you believe that is a word as my spell correcter did not show it in RED,Actually that is Bryans' spell correcter.
I sent another P.M. Moss. Thanks
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