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Official AAPK member store upgrade announcement

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2017 10:55 pm
by Bryan
Please note that this post is directed toward existing AAPK member store participants. We will post additional info about opening a new store very soon.

Below, you will find detailed information concerning the change over process along with some of the differences you can expect.

Please post questions & comments as a reply if you have any!

Immediate affects:

1.) How you login to your Personal Store Manager page may have changed.
If you use the “sell” tab drop-down menu to login, you will notice the content has changed. There will be a button that says “Access New Seller dashboard” & one that says “Access Legacy Seller Dashboard”. The legacy seller dashboard will get you to the older more familiar administration login. Please see image below.
2.) The commission rate will be bumped up from 2% to 3% ::mdm::
This part sucks. We don’t like it either, but we expect an increase in revenue will allow us to spend more time & resources on improving AAPK.

What actions do I need to take right away?

We need you to fill out an application form that we have set up for new seller accounts. A link to that form is included below... ... er_account

This action will get all of your information into the new system. Please be aware that you will have to be logged in with your AAPK forum name before you can access the form.

Many of you use different username / password combinations (one for your store & another for the forums). The store username / password will be linked as one & the same with the forum username / password under the new system, so it will require your forum credentials.

If you don’t have a forum account, you can get registered via the link below... ... e=register

How will the switch work?

After you fill out the application form, your account will have to be activated by a site administrator & the items you have up for sale will be copied over to the new system. Once active, you will be emailed a notification that will include an invite to access the new seller’s dashboard via provided link.

We will encourage you to set out & explore the new dashboard at this point & check out all of the new features. We expect most things to be fairly self explanatory, but we plan to include plenty of instructions & demonstrations on how to perform all of the admin tasks available. Any & all changes you make here will not affect your current store.

Once you are comfortable with the new format, you will need to let us know that you want to complete the switch. You can do that by contacting me (Bryan) via email at or via private message or by posting a message here on the forum as a reply to this post.

After conveying to Bryan that you are ready, we will re-sync the inventory from old store to new, activate your items on the new platform & deactivate them on the old platform. The old sales data records will not be moved over, but you will still be able to access it on the old system.

What to expect when I’m live on the new platform?

Everything will work in a similar fashion as the old system, but with several big improvements & lots of added functionality. The only drawback we anticipate at this time is that you might see is a temporary drop in search engine traffic due to decline in search rankings.

Google & the others will need to find your stuff again because it will have moved. Once they do, however, they will like what they see much better & should rank everything higher at some point. This being the result of improvements we have made in Search Engine Optimization.

Where can I find additional information, instructions & demonstrations?

This is an area we will be constantly expanding & improving. For general info, you can visit the getting started page. For more advanced instructions & demonstrations, you can visit the forum categories that have been set up for our store members. The content will be sparse at first, but rich content is coming soon. ::tu::

Other pertinent information:

Please keep in mind throughout this process that we want to hear from you. If you have ideas about how we can improve stuff, let us know. If you have problems or issues of any kind, please post them on the member store forums.

Re: Official AAPK member store upgrade announcement

Posted: Sun Feb 26, 2017 1:56 am
by muskrat man
please sync the items from my old store at your convenience. It will be interesting to play with the new layout, it looks good so far!

Re: Official AAPK member store upgrade announcement

Posted: Wed Mar 01, 2017 9:18 pm
by Bryan
Quick update.

We are in a bit of a holding pattern for the final switch overs at the moment. Please continue to use the legacy seller dashboard to administrate your stores while I get some stuff lined out.

When we scaled up to 1,000s of knives being copied over things got slow on my end & a few bugs that went unnoticed in the testing phase were discovered. The heavier load revealed them. I want to be sure everything is as bullet proof as possible before moving on.

I do still need everyone who has not done so to please submit the form through the link I provided, but hang tight pending announcement here when everything is good to go full steam ahead.

Here is a link to the form for the procrastinators :) ... er_account

Many Thanks,

Re: Official AAPK member store upgrade announcement

Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 8:39 am
by stagman
Well I see the old dashboard is gone now when you log in Bryan
I guess that means you have tied up most loose ends and you
can go full steam a head with all the new features the new system has to offer,
bet you can finally let the air out of that deep breath you took months ago
Happy for ya Bryan, wife sends her best wishes to ya also