The Little Cubby Hole

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The Little Cubby Hole

Post by 1tnemec » Sat Feb 08, 2020 10:33 pm

This is a good one to see and the only mint one I own. It’s a favorite of mine...well a few years back Dad was wanting a good cheap 5-51/2” fillet knife (he figured he found little spot he could stash it where the kids wouldn’t find it and it would be right there at the cleaning house.
The cleaning house was at the up the hill all the way past the dumpster. And there’s a lot over campers between there and here. And around them campers was lots of folks. Well Dad was a proud man especially when a bucket of nice crappies was in hand. Well dad did like to B.S. and what goes best with B.S. something a man can be proud a bucket of fish.
——————-(Beer too eh)———————
When dad got to B.S’n sometimes put his knife down and forgot it. This way he’d have his stashed knife to clean the fish. On his walk back he could find his other knife. Me I didn’t quite see this being a the next time he has to keep track of 2 knives. Well then he’s going to need 3 knives, 4 knives, 5...till not only every camper has a new knife...but every person in every camper. So I know dad isn’t about to get on a cell phone (he did eventually get a phone and even graduated to iPhone but that’s a different tale for a different fire) let alone eBay.
So there I am at home looking on eBay. And I’m looking at cheap fillet knives. And I came across this little gem. I know my dad and he loves his Schrades. And he didn’t want to use his any more. Something happens and he can’t replace them. There is no way he would use this knife. But he would love that knife...dang it...problem still not solved. So I continued on my search. Do you understand evening though they are cheep knives that shipping costs on a truck load of cheap knives is? Well I didn’t but let me tell ya it’s not cheap! And I’m thinking all them people in all them campers are going to wind up with cheap knives that ain’t so cheap. eh
Well to make a longer story shorter I bought this gem to tease dad a lit bit. Which I did. But I also got him well worn but very usable one. I ended up telling him that the gem was the replacement for the well worn. That way he could use it and not worry. I never did tell him what price I paid he never asked. Between me and you I paid 5.95 more for the well worn. Funny thing is one of many sayings my dad said “When a man with two knives offers you one never pick the shiny. It’s shiny because this is the one he uses and likes...he expects you to take the shiny”
Unfortunately I got that knife back not so long ago. Until I started telling this I never really thought about this part of the whole story. (Might a different fire I’ll tell ya part 2 of a long tale that took years to make and this time the jokes on me) I can’t show a pic of the well worn knife. Haven’t seen that knife in 10-15 years. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit if it’s still in the cleaning house with a layer oil, sharp as a razor waiting to be used. No plans to look even through I’d probably find it, it belongs there after all it’s dads little cubby hole.
There it is, Fiction and fact fact and fiction all mixed together. The reason I have a mint knife and why it’s become one of my favorites.
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Re: The Little Cubby Hole

Post by Doc B » Sun Feb 09, 2020 12:37 am

Love the story, Dave! Nothing like a family knife...or a knife that reminds me of family! ::tu:: ::tu:: ::tu::
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Re: The Little Cubby Hole

Post by carrmillus » Thu Mar 26, 2020 4:51 pm

...good story!!!!..... ::tu:: ::tu:: ::tu:: ...................

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Re: The Little Cubby Hole

Post by Stanwade » Thu Mar 26, 2020 4:58 pm

Great story!! Sounds like my dad..he passed 11 years ago.. he LOVED to BS I said in other posts, AAPK has filled a big hole for me being able to talk, share stories and what not about knives and other related items! 👍👍

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