Kershaw 12 Meter Pattern, Blade Question

Kershaw began its foray into the knife business sometime during 1974. The company was originally based in Portland Oregon, but most early knives were manufactured in Japan. The first US manufacturing plant was opened in 1997 & the company currently offers knives made in the U.S., Japan, & China. Pete Kershaw (an ex Gerber salesman) started the business.
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Kershaw 12 Meter Pattern, Blade Question

Post by Paladin » Wed Jul 15, 2009 3:39 pm

In a group of knives I just acquired, there are several Kershaws and one is a 12 Meter pattern. To me that sounds like a diver's knife but it has what I call a waterfowl blade, a marlin spike and a peculiar looking blade that is blunt and has no cutting edge on it.
I am told the Kershaw may have called this a sailor's knife and that would be consistent with the name on the knife, '12 Meter'. Why put a serrated sheepfoot blade on it? Rope cutting? What is the purpose of the funky looking blade with a tear drop hole in it and no cutting surface? :D
Any yachtsmen out there? :D

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Re: Kershaw 12 Meter Pattern, Blade Question

Post by remington collector » Wed Jul 15, 2009 4:20 pm

The blade with a hole in it is a shackle wrench. Yes, the serrated edge is for cutting rope.

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