1947 Gerber Legendary Blades/ Snickersnee Ron Durendal

In 1939 Joseph Gerber (advertising agency owner) had custom knife maker David Murphy make 24 sets of carving knife for some of his select customers. Catalog retailer Abercrombie & Fitch saw them and was so impressed with the quality of the knives they wanted to sell them. Thus was born Gerber Legendary Blades.
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1947 Gerber Legendary Blades/ Snickersnee Ron Durendal

Post by MUD » Tue Aug 28, 2018 2:40 am

According to all information I've found (especially Mr. Rodenberg's book A Chronology of Gerber Legendary Blades), this set shouldn't exist.

The Durendal and Ron made their first appearance in 47, but Gerber didn't make the Snickersnee until 1948, making it GERBER-10 stamped

If anybody has information about them, I'd be indebted to you if you could post it or send it to me.

They're just like I got them. They don't look to have been used or sharpened. I did clean the box and put a coat of wax on it. Made a world of difference.
1947 SRD.jpg
1947 SRD inside.jpg
1947 SRD store .jpg
1947 Durendal.jpg
1947 Ron.jpg
1947 Snickersnee.jpg
1947 Snickersnee.jpg
1947 SRD box close-up.jpg
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Re: 1947 Gerber Legendary Blades/ Snickersnee Ron Durendal

Post by hard.times.lures » Thu Sep 06, 2018 12:45 pm

No information, but very nice and super rare. It should be worth a lot. I like these. Bryan

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