It's a killer knives

A place to discuss & share pictures of counterfeit knives. Please be sure to alert the AAPK community if you spot one. Also make sure to ask questions if you are not certain about the authenticity of a knife you are considering buying or selling. There are plenty of great people here willing to help.
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Re: It's a killer knives

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I've been buying online for 20+ years and have yet to be ripped off. As many scammers as there are out there,I've found they are far outnumbered by honest people just trying to make a living.
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Re: It's a killer knives

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If one lays down with gators one just might wake-up with fleas, or possibly even "gangs"! ::shrug::
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Re: It's a killer knives

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George is as honest as they come. I'm not sure where you got your qualifications. But I think you completely missed the mark on all the knives you reviewed, and I think you'd be better off collecting thimbles
Thanks, DC
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Re: It's a killer knives

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You reap what you sow. Nice to see the members here take a stand. Fine group of people.
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