Radio ,Zenith

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Radio ,Zenith

Post by leggo » Fri Feb 10, 2017 5:28 pm

I'm looking for a vintage Zenith Trans-Oceanic 7000 ,7000-1, or a 3000 ,or 3001. There are a few nice ones on eBay...I don't use eBay ,but if you do and can aquire an excellent condition
radio thats been tested and all bands work I can pay you a finders fee,or trade you some very nice knives for the radio.
And others ,most are mint with the box.
Thanks ,you can PM or email .

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Re: Radio ,Zenith

Post by Black Lion » Fri Feb 24, 2017 11:21 pm

Don't have one but did own a part of one once.

Picture attached was taken in FSB Mahone located just south of Dau Tieng on LTL 14. The bunker was the residence of the batallion RTO and batallion photographer. Since both of those guys had once been in our company and platoon before their "career moves" some of us would drop in/by and hang out when we were in the FSB for resupply and whatnot. At one point one of the guys took up a collection, made a trip to the PX and came back with a brand new radio for our listening pleasure. Prior to that all we had was a cassette player and an ammo can of tapes. The cassette player ran on a battery for a starlight scope which was easy to get just by writing it on our resupply list...same went for D cells.

So the radio sat on a shelf just below a "window" that was covered with mosquito netting and on a good night we could even get KLIK (out of Lai Khe) but mostly listened to AFVN. On one such night three of us were sitting iin the bunker playing hearts while the radio played in the background when it came to our attention that the music was gradually fading away into the night. Looking up at the radio it was discovered that it no longer was perched on the shelf and there was a gaping hole sliced in the mosquito netting.

We never saw or heard the radio again.

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Re: Radio ,Zenith

Post by deo-pa » Fri Feb 22, 2019 4:13 pm

Your OP is pretty old leggo so I wonder if you are still looking? If so you might try Also I'll be attending the New England Antique Radio Club show in March and could gather up some business cards for folks who have restored ones they are selling.


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