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Anyone shave with a straight razor? I've always wanted to try it; worth the trouble?
I use a nice safety razor with drop in blades; so much better than the 329 blade disposal head stuff that has gotten so high in price.
Though I need a new blade brand, the ones I used to get locally aren't available anymore.
Bader hair brush of course. I also recommend Proraso shaving cream.
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Re: Shaving

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There is an entire subforum on the topic of shaving and razors. ... m.php?f=70

Here’s a thread within that forum about shaving products. ... hp?t=43037



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Re: Shaving

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Been using straights for 15 yrs. Learning curve is steep and can be painful.
If your razor will not cut arm hair above the skin, it's dull and will give you a miserable experience. Blade angle against your skin is the key. Keep the blade nearly flat against your face. Stretch loose skin on your neck with your free hand.
If you go this route, do yourself a favor a have your blade honed by a pro before you ever try shaving.
"Shave ready" doesn't always mean what it says when buying a razor.
Check out the forum mentioned above and feel free to pm me with any questions. There are a couple of good Facebook pages devoted to straight shaving I can recommend if you use that platform.
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