Luger book for trade

This is a place for posting non-knife related items you have available for trade. If you see something you want, be sure to make a trade offer. Your offer can include a knife, knives, or pretty much anything within the limits of the law.
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Luger book for trade

Post by buddyie22 » Fri Feb 15, 2019 5:48 pm

I have a book that gives a lot of information on the Lugers. I do not have a need for it. Would like to offer it In trade. Truthfully I have no idea what it is worth but would like to get a fair market value. I’m sure there are those on aapk that know more than I do. I believe this is the 5th edition (1962). The jacket is poor to medium. The book it self is pristine and I would consider in excellent shape .pretty much open to any trade (knifey)
. Fixed blade, folders, reference material work done on one of my knives etc
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